Tae Kwon Do

Freedom Martial Arts Academy provides exceptional martial arts lessons for every student in the Edgewood, WA area. Our team of dedicated and passionate instructors commits themselves to providing you with the most elite martial arts training whether you are taking courses for Tae Kwon Do, Kali martial arts, or kickboxing. Our staff dedicates themselves to promoting life skills, discipline, and education for our students to continually guarantee their satisfaction with our martial arts school. You will cultivate skills in self-defense, self-focus, as well as self-confidence. While keeping our students physically and mentally engaged, they will be equipped to stand up to bullies confidently, manage anger and fear, as well as the ability to set goals and succeed. We also have a Little Ninja program that will help your child focus in school and will inspire them to be a better person instilling manners and respect into their everyday life. To learn more, please contact us at Freedom Martial Arts Academy today and let us show you all the services we offer for all your self defense class needs.

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